Energy smart every day.
Lennox iComfort® and ComfortSense® thermostats are designed to help you use less energy, while keeping your home perfectly heated and cooled.
When connected to advanced equipment from the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection, Lennox iComfort thermostats are precise enough to hold the temperature of your home to within 0.5 degree of the setting you choose, all year long.

So simple. So smart. So comfortable.
The iComfort S30® is smart about your comfort. When you leave home, it increases energy efficiency. And when you come back, it anticipates your arrival and creates a perfectly comfortable environment.

When paired with premium Lennox® equipment, the iComfort Wi-Fi® holds the temperature of your home to within 0.5 degree of its setting. An iComfort Wi-Fi Flex model is available that can work with other brands of heating and cooling equipment. So no matter what type of system you have, you can enjoy a more comfortable and efficient home.
Know what’s going on outside when you’re inside.
Thanks to its always-on connection to your home’s wireless network, the iComfort Wi-Fi® displays a 5-day weather forecast and live weather alerts.
The iComfort Wi-Fi® thermostat can make your home feel warm in more ways than one. It gives you the option of uploading a personal photo to use as a screensaver. Choose a family snapshot or a photo to complement your décor.

The Lennox ComfortSense® line of thermostats makes programming an energy-saving schedule remarkably easy. Touchscreen and button-control thermostats are available, with 7-day or 5-day/2-day scheduling options.